Chart Legends

You can format legends on charts in a variety of ways to clarify the data presented.

Show Chart Legends

The chart Legend option is at the bottom of the Chart Properties panel. Use the slider to choose whether or not to show a legend.

If you are displaying a legend, you can choose the placement to have the legend at the Top, Bottom, Left, or Right of your chart.

You can also reverse the order of the items in your legend using the Reverse Order slider in the Chart Properties panel.

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Legend Spacing Options

Use the Padding setting to adjust the padding and symbol width. Use Force Symbol Width to make bar, area and pie legend markers display as rectangles rather than squares.

You can further customize your chart by setting the Item Distance between items in your legend.

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Adding Borders to Legend Markers

Adding a border to columns or pie slices in a chart will also add a border to the series legend marker. This makes it easier to distinguish which legend marker is related to a series.

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Legend Label Formatting

If you want a legend label to break onto two lines, go to the Data table for the chart and place your cursor in the appropriate cell in the first column of the table where you want the title to break.

Use CTRL+Enter for Windows or CMD+Enter for MAC to move part of the text onto a second line in the cell. This will move the same text onto a second line in the legend label.

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Hide a Series in a Chart Legend

To hide a chart series from the legend, select the series in the Series section in the Chart Properties panel. Then disable Show in Legend at the bottom of the Series section. The series will still appear in the chart, but not in the legend.

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