Waterfall Charts

Waterfall charts have initial and final value columns with floating columns in between, demonstrating negative and positive values with an impact on the initial and final values.

The most common use case for a waterfall chart is displaying three total columns with the changes between. Often these are three different years with profit and loss comparison and a midpoint total column.

Column Colors

Waterfall charts include the option to change the color of the columns representing Positive Change and Negative Change. Select the series from the drop-down menu under series. Color swatches for the positive and negative changes allow you to set the colors individually.

column colors for waterfall charts

Customizing Waterfall Charts

You can change the orientation of the chart from vertical to horizontal. Choose either the vertical or horizontal icon under the General section in the Chart Properties panel.

orientations for waterfall charts

Many of the other settings applicable to waterfall charts are the same as other types of column or bar charts. This includes labels, axis settings, chart size, plot area fill and legend options.

For additional information on chart customization, see the following articles:

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What’s Next

Label value formatting for the chart is controlled from the data table. Please see Value Formatting for Chart Labels for more information.

For more information on display options, see Axis and Series Display for Charts