Formatting Chart Text

You can edit chart titles and text to change the appearance in keeping with your company’s look and feel and to clarify the data presented.

Editing Chart Text

All chart text can be edited directly by selecting the text and applying text formatting from the Edit tab in the Wdesk toolbar. You can change the font color, font size, font family, as well as style options such as bold or italics for chart text.

You can customize the text associated with axis labels, chart labels, and legend labels as well as the labels for individual series data points. Select the text you’d like to modify and use the formatting options in the toolbar.

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Editing Chart Titles

To edit a chart title:

  1. Go to Chart Properties by right-clicking a chart and selecting Chart Properties. You can also click on the double arrows in the vertical menu bar on the right.
  2. Under General in the Chart Properties panel, double-click on Title.
  3. Enter your chart title. The title will update when you click away from the text box or hit Enter on your keyboard.

If you don’t need a chart title, clear out all text in the Title field.

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