Using File Attachments in Certification

If you need to include supporting information with a certification process, you can upload a file. These files are stored in the attachments library and can be attached to letter templates.

Attachments Library

To begin uploading a file to the Attachments Library, click the Attachments tab and then click Upload File.

On the Attachments page, the column with the lock icon in the heading indicates whether each file requires users to sign in before viewing.

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In the Upload Attachment dialog, click the Choose File button, then browse to and select the file you want to upload. Next enter a title, specify whether the recipients must sign in to Certification to view the file, and click Upload.

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Attaching a File

Click the Templates tab, and then click the name of the template to which you want to add an attachment. In the Edit Template page, click Attach a File.

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In the list of available attachments, click the Select button to the right of the file you wish to attach. If the file you need isn’t in the library yet, click Upload a File to add it.

Updating Attachments

If you upload an updated version of a file that is already attached, Certification creates a new attachment in the library. If the older version was attached to any templates and you want the new one to take its place, you will need to replace the older version with the new one on each template. If you want to keep an older version of a document while adding a new one, you can name the versions differently to differentiate between the two.

Editing and Removing Attachments

If you want to make a change to an attachment’s properties, you can edit the item. Click the Attachments tab. In the Actions column, click the Edit button for the item you want to change. In the Edit Attachment dialog, change the title or the sign-in requirement as desired. Changing the title does not affect the filename of the attachment.

You can also delete attachments from the attachments library. This automatically removes the attachment from all templates and processes they are associated with. Navigate to the Attachments tab. In the Actions column, click the Delete button for the item you want to delete and confirm your choice.

Using File Attachments as a Signer

As a signer, you will receive a notification email. Click on the link provided to access the letter you have been asked to sign.

If you need to provide additional supporting documentation when signing a certification, click on the Add Support link.

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This opens a field for commenting, as well as the option to upload files from your computer.

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