Managing Groups in Certification

Groups in Certification allow administrators to organize signers, which simplifies tasks like distributing certifications and user management.

Creating Groups

To create a group in Certification, navigate to the Members tab and choose the Groups sub-tab. From here, click Add a group to open the group creation window. Name the group and click Save Changes to create an empty group, after which you’ll be taken to the Groups screen. Click on the group name to open the member list, where you can begin adding members to the new group.

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Renaming Groups

From the Groups sub-tab, you can rename a group by clicking Rename to the right of the group name you’d like to change.

Adding Members

After opening the group you’d like add members to, click Add members to bring up a list of users on the account. You can use the filter field to narrow down your choices before selecting the users to add and clicking Add members in the dialog box.

Members added to a group will not receive letters sent to the group prior to their addition. You will need to send an individual certification to users added after a letter has been sent to the group.

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Removing Members

You can remove a member from a group by opening the group from the Groups sub-tab and then clicking Remove to the right of the member’s name. You can remove multiple members at once by checking the box next to the members you’d like to remove, and then clicking Remove Members above the member list.

NOTE: Removing members from a group does not remove them from any letters already assigned to that group.