Creating Your First Certification Process

Starting a New Process

If you'd like to create a new process, click the Processes tab, and then click Start a New Process. In the first step of the Start a New Process wizard, enter a title for the process and its required dates.

Click Next, and on the Start a New Process step, select the dates on which you want to automatically send email reminders to signers who have not yet signed their letters. You can also edit reminders later from the Letters list of the process.

When you’re done selecting dates, click Finish. You can send additional reminders manually, as well as customize the message that is sent in manual or automatically.

You can edit the contact for a process from the dashboard via the Edit Process button. You can also edit a contact for an individual letter when editing that letter, by clicking on the Contact field.

Creating Letters

After you’ve created a template, you can use that template to create a letter in your Certification process. From the Processes tab, click the process to which you’d like to add a letter. From the Letters tab in the process tracker, click Add a Letter to bring up a list of templates in your library.

image alt text

Select the desired process, then enter details about the letter and set reminders if you wish. Finally, click Create to add the letter to your process.

If you need to edit the title, content, or other details of a letter in a process prior to sending, you can do so by returning to the Letters tab in the process tracker and clicking the letter’s name. This will bring you to the letter editor, where you can make your changes.

Adding Recipients

To add recipients to a letter, select a process, then view the Letters page. In the Recipients column, click the number representing the number of recipients.

Click the down arrow on the Create Certification button. A drop-down menu displays the list of workflow options. image alt text

The following list describes the commands on the Create Certification menu.

  • Individual Signer: Choose this when you do not need to create a workflow and want to add a recipient. If you add multiple recipients this way, each is notified at the same time, and each can sign any time without following steps in a workflow.

  • Ordered Signers: This option is for workflows with an individual signer assigned to one step in the workflow. When the letter is ready, the first person assigned to the letter signs the letter and routes it to the next person assigned, and so on. If any of the signers disagree with or change a previous signer’s response, the letter is routed back to the person assigned to step 1.

  • With Approver: Opens the Add Recipients dialog box with fields for adding both signers and approvers.

  • From Group: Allows you to include an existing group of users as the recipients of a letter.

Recipients can also be edited later if you need to add signer to or remove signers from the process.

TIP: You can reorder steps in the Add Recipients dialog box by dragging them to the location you want.

Sending Letters and Reminders

Once your letters are ready to be sent, you can distribute them using the following method.

On the Processes tab, click the process name to open its dashboard. Then click the Letters button, and click the letter you want to send. In the recipient's column, click on the number of recipients. This opens the page for that letter’s recipients, and indicates the status for each recipient.

image alt text

To send letters as needed, do either of the following:

  • Click Send on the row of a recipient to send it to a recipient who has not yet signed the letter.

  • Click Send All to send it to all active unsigned recipients. If the letter has individual signers, all of them will receive the letter. If the letter has a workflow, the first signer will receive the letter.

The status changes to Unsigned, and you can return to this same page to manually send reminders using the Remind button. These reminders will be in addition to the reminders you set up when you first created this process.

Title and other parameters of letters and processes can be modified after letters are sent, though the content of letters cannot be changed. Affected recipients will receive notification emails alerting them to changes, including changes to letters, dates, or process recipients or approvers.

Monitoring Progress

If you are an approver of a letter, you receive email notification when a recipient signs the letter. The email indicates the status and displays any exceptions. It also provides a link that takes you to the Certification Tracker to manage the letter.

image alt text

An administrator or approver can also log into Certification at any point in the process to view signing status for letters. Administrators can access tracking for all processes. Approvers can access tracking for the letters that are assigned to them.

In the Certification application, on the Process tab, click the name of the process you want to track. In the dashboard, Process Health shows an overview of the signing status. Click View Tracker from Process Health, or click the Tracker button above the dashboard.

The Tracker groups letters in three sections, with traffic-light colors that indicate the status. Green indicates signed and approved letters, yellow indicates letters that are signed but pending approval, and red indicates letters that are unsigned. Approvers and admins can click on a user to see their signing details and the letter that was sent to the signer.