Creating and Editing Certification Letter Templates

Before adding letters to your process, you will need to create a template. Templates are the generic basis from which letters are made. You can compose and save templates in the library, where they can be accessed for viewing or modification later.

Creating and Formatting New Templates

Click the Templates tab to display the existing templates, and then click Create Template. In the Create Template screen, give the template a name in the Title field.

image alt text

Build the body of the letter stored in the template:

  • Click Add Text to add a textbox to the template.

  • Click Add Question to create a question that requires a response from your signers. You will be able to provide the question as well as the available responses.

  • Click Attach File to include a file with the template. Remember that any letter using this template will include any files you attach to the template, so you may wish to attach files to the letter instead.

When adding a question, select Exception if choosing that response will require review. If you want the question to have more than two responses, click the plus sign to add another. When you are done making changes, click Save Changes.

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To edit the letter, select the question that you would like to change and click the Edit (pencil) icon. To remove a question, select it and click the Delete (X icon). When all questions are completed, choose Create Template.

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The template is saved into your library. You can repeat these steps to create additional templates.

Viewing and Editing Existing Templates

To view a template as it will appear to a recipient, click the Templates tab to display the library. Then click Preview button to the right of the template you wish to view.

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To create a new template based on an existing template, click the Copy button, also to the right of the template name. In the dialog box, type a name for the new template, and click Copy. Then edit the new template as needed.

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If you want to edit an existing template’s content, click the name of the template you want to edit.