Copy or Delete Processes in Certification

If you want to reuse a process, you can roll forward that process in Certification or copy an existing process to edit instead of creating and formatting a new one.

Copying a Process

From the Processes tab, click Copy next to the desired process.

image alt text

After choosing the process to copy, you will need to enter the updated details for the process. You can edit the title, define End and Due dates, as well as change the designated Contact. Once this information is filled in, click Next.

image alt text

If you want to set automated reminders, you can choose the dates for them to be sent out in the Set Reminders box by scrolling through the calendar and picking dates. Click Next once you've chosen reminder dates or to skip this step. This only changes the reminders for new letters created in this process and not for the original letters.

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At this point the new process will be created. You can now change names, dates, recipients, and edit your letter as usual.

Deleting a Process

If for any reason you need to delete a completed or in-progress process, an account administrator may do so from the Processes tab. From the More menu next to a process, select Delete and confirm your choice. Deleting a process cannot be undone.