Certification Overview

When you need to manage a signer or approval process, Wdesk Certification helps you get information and sign-off from key players. Certification allows you to establish standard and repeatable steps for an efficient, timely and transparent process.

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Creating a Certification Process

Create a process that tracks signing progress and automates reminders, approval flow, and more. After the process is complete, roll the process forward to reuse components of the process.

Customizing your Process

You can set due dates and reminder emails to automate the process and eliminate email chasing, then use templates to streamline workflow and establish consistency for recurring processes.

Generating Content

Write questions indicating what should be verified and include information for improved clarity and accountability, then use exceptions to designate responses that should raise concern or provide immediate notification of problems. You can also attach files to provide easy reference to the document needing sign-off.

Tailor questions to specific individuals to get the information you need from each signer. Each letter sent is a certification that can be tracked, and real-time progress reports show the state of each certification.

Assigning Recipients

You can designate individual signers or groups of signers as well as the order of sign-off to control the order in which signers see letters, with the option to the letter forward only after consensus has been reached.

You can add approvers to verify comments and exceptions for transparent resolution of issues raised with an archived audit trail.

Recipients can also sign certifications on their devices in Wdesk Mobile.

Tracking Progress

A built-in audit trail of every signer and issue raised gives improved compliance and guaranteed issue resolution, ensuring that no question is left unanswered.

Each process has a dashboard summarizing certification activity, allowing you to keep tabs on multiple processes at once and easily check how each certification has progressed as well as who is currently responsible.

Reports can also be exported as evidence for easy inclusion in larger projects and reports.