Categorizing Certifications Using Tags

Certification has the ability to add tags to certifications that allow you to organize and add identifying information to your certifications.

Adding and Removing Tags

You can create tags by setting up different categories, and specify a color for the tags to help differentiate them. In Certification, click on the Tags tab at the top. Click the Add Category button at the top.

In the Tag Category box, type the name of the category you wish to create and select a display color. When you have your tag ready, click the Add Tag Category button. Categories help to add more context to a tag.

image alt text

Tagging Letters Using Categories

In the Processes tab, select the process you wish to tag. Click the Letters button and, on the letter you want to tag, click the number in the Recipients column.

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Under the Actions column, click More then select Add Tags from the drop-down menu. In the Add Tags box, you can add tags by typing the category, adding a colon to distinguish the tag, then typing your tag value.

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Certification creates the tag, using the color you selected for the category. You can add multiple tags by adding a comma after a tag, and if you've used a tag previously, Certification will attempt to autofill the tag name. When you are done adding tags, click the Update button.

Viewing and Using Tags

Once you've created tags, you can view and use them. From the Tracker, the tags you added appear under the recipient. If you hover your mouse over them, the category will appear as a tooltip for each tag.

On the Letters screen, click More and select Recipients to use the Filter certifications box to look for tags. Type in the name of your tag, and all Letters using the tag will be displayed.

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If you click the Reports button, tags appear to the right. If you Export your Report, the tags will also appear in the report.