Approving Letters through Certification

In the Certification dashboard, you can use the Letter Tracker to see the the status of a letter, remind recipients of unsigned letters, and approve or reject letters with exceptions.

Viewing the Letter Tracker

Approvers will get an email notification when a recipient signs the letter with a comment or exception. The email displays any comments or exceptions, and gives a link to manage the letter.

Administrators and approvers can log in to Certification to see signing status. Administrators can access tracking for all processes. Approvers can access tracking for the letters that are assigned to them.

In the Process tab of Certification, click the name of the process you want to track. In the dashboard, Process Health shows an overview of the signing status.

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Click View Tracker from Process Health, or click the Tracker button above the dashboard. The Tracker groups letters in three sections with colors to indicate the status. Green indicates signed and approved letters, yellow that a letter is signed but pending approval due to comments or exceptions, and red indicates unsigned letters.

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Reminding Recipients

In the Tracker, click the Remind button next to a signer’s name to send that recipient a reminder, or use the Remind All button to send a reminder to all recipients. You can also send reminders from the Recipients page for a process.

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Handling Exceptions in Certification

In the Tracker, pending letters are in the yellow column. These letters were signed but included comments or exceptions that require review by an administrator or approver. Comments from an approver or administrator are indicated by a comment balloon. Exceptions are indicated by an alert icon.

A yellow background indicates that a person has answered the questions without exceptions, but that he or she has typed additional explanation on a question that flags it for review. Red indicates that a person has answered one or more questions with exceptions.

To review and take action on pending letters, click the recipient’s name, the alert icon, or the comment bubble that appears next to that person’s name to open a summary of that letter.

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In the letter summary, you can do one of the following:

  • Click to accept or reject a single comment or exception

  • Return or approve the entire signing

  • Add your own note

  • Click Print to generate a PDF file of the letter as the signer completed it.

When you’re done, close the window to return to the Tracker.

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Signer comments, approver replies, and exceptions will appear on the Exception report. Notes on a signing will not.

Removing Recipients

If you need to remove a recipient from a letter, choose the Processes tab, then click on the Letters button. Now click on the number of recipients. This will bring you to the page listing Signers/Approvers. Click More next to the recipient you want to remove, then choose Delete.

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