Adding Recipients to Certification Letters

This article describes the workflow options that are available when you add recipients, how to build a workflow, and how to check the status of a workflow in progress.

Workflow Overview

In a workflow, you can build a step-by-step sequence for signers and approvers. A signer must agree with the previous signers’ answers and comments, and then add his or her own before the letter can be sent to the next step. If a signer changes a previous signer’s response, the letter goes back to the first step, requiring all earlier signers to sign again.

A step in the workflow can also involve multiple signers who must reach a consensus before routing the letter to the next step.

You can include one or more approval steps after the signer steps. If the approver does not approve the letter, the letter is sent back to the signers, and all of the steps are repeated.

You can add multiple approvers to your workflow as well as multiple signers.

Adding Recipients and Building a Workflow

First select a process, then click the Letters button to display the letters page. In the Recipients column, click the number representing the number of recipients.

image alt text

On the next screen, click the down arrow on the Create Certification button to see a drop-down menu displaying workflow options.

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Workflow Options and Descriptions

In the Create Certification drop-down menu, choose one of the four workflow options: Individual Signer, Ordered Signer, With Approver or From Group. Each of these options are described below:

  • Individual Signer - Choose this when you do not need to create a workflow and want to add one recipient. If you add multiple recipients this way, each is notified at the same time, and each can sign any time without following steps in a workflow.

    image alt text

  • Ordered Signer - This option is for workflows with an individual signer assigned to one step in the workflow. When the letter is ready, the person assigned to step 1 signs the letter and the letter is automatically routed to the person assigned to step 2, and so on.

    image alt text

  • With Approver - Opens the Add Recipients dialog box with fields for adding both signers and approvers.

    image alt text

  • From a Group - Allows you to include an existing group of users as the recipients of a letter. This adds these recipients independently of each other, not requiring a consensus. At least one group must have been made to use this function.

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You can add ordered signers, multiple signers, and approvers to the workflow regardless of which option you select. As you build the workflow in the Add Recipients dialog box, notes in the dialog box remind you of when each recipient will sign or approve.

Recipients can sign certifications on their devices. To learn more read Certifications in Wdesk Mobile.

Checking Progress

You can view the progress of a workflow on the recipients page. On the recipients page, click the caret icon next to a recipient’s name to expand the steps assigned after the first step. The workflow and all of the signers involved in it appear under the name of the signer(s) responsible for completing the first step in the workflow.

Modifying the Recipients List

If you need to add, reorganize, or remove signers or approvers, you can modify the workflow steps that follow the current active step. Anything before or in the current step cannot be changed once the letter is sent.

On the recipients page, in the Actions column for the workflow in which you want to add or remove signers or approvers, click More. Click the caret to expand the workflow for a recipient if you are not sure which is the right one. From the drop-down menu, choose either of the following:

  • Add More Signers to add, remove, or reorder signers.

  • Assign Approver(s) to modify the approver list.

Follow the same steps as when you add recipients to a new workflow. When you’re done, click Save Changes.

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Mark as Signed

If a user can’t sign their certification but has responded without exceptions (e.g. via email outside of Certification), you can manually mark that the user has signed using the Mark as Signed option from the More menu of the Letters list.

Skip in a Workflow

If a user in a workflow is unavailable or can’t sign, they can be skipped in the workflow. On the recipients list, click the caret icon next to a recipient’s name to expand the workflow and click the Skip button to the right of the step to skip that signer.