Editing and Previewing Binder Structure

After all tabs and content have been added to your Binder, you may need to edit the structure of your content. Tabs can be reordered using either drag-and-drop or the Tab Options drop-down.

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Updating Wdesk Content

To ensure that you have the most recent versions of documents in your Binder, check to see if any documents need updated before publishing. Updating is used when there have been changes made to a Wdesk document since the last time you’ve added the document to your binder or since the last time you’ve used the Update button.

When you make changes to a document in Wdesk, two circular orange arrows appear next to it in your Binder, to indicate that it’s not up-to-date yet. You can click these individually to update each document, or click the Update All button to update all documents at once.

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Sometimes you’ll want to replace a document with an updated version. You can use Replace Document in the document drop-down options. Replacing a document will retain comments made in the earlier version.

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Using the Regenerate Button

The Regenerate button, located under the Actions button in the toolbar, is used when uploaded content, such as Word or Powerpoint documents or PDF's, are not displaying in the viewer. Occasionally, if a large number of uploaded documents are added to a binder at once or in quick succession, one or more of those documents fail to process, which results in a red error message in the Viewer. When this occurs, using the Regenerate icon will reprocess those failed documents so that they render as expected in the Viewer.

Preview Binder

To preview your Binder, click on the File tab, choose Preview and then the version you would like to see.

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When you have confirmed that the Binder is structured as you intended, your Binder is ready to distribute.