Distributing a Binder

Once your Binder is ready for distribution, you will want to send it to approvers for review or to your final viewers. Before you do so, you must decide who will receive your Binder and if you will need to notify them. After that, you will be ready to distribute your Binder.

Assigning Viewers and Owners

By default, your Binder can’t be accessed by other users. To add Viewers, click the Permissions button on the File tab to open the Binder Permissions window. Enter the name of a user or group to add them as Viewers, allowing them to see the Binder after it has been published. Choosing the Editor option will allow the selected user to see the Binder before publishing and allow them to edit it.

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Publishing Your Binder

To publish your Binder, click the blue Publish button located on the left side of the toolbar.

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When you publish your Binder, a revision will be saved. Click the View button to see the current and previously-published versions of your Binder. Viewers will only see the current version.

Sending Email Notifications

After you have published your Binder, you must click the Notify button in order to send out an email notification. You can set a subject or custom message as well as set users or groups as recipients.

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Updating Your Binder

If you change your Binder after publishing, you will see pencil icons to the right of anything you changed or modified, and the Publish button will change from translucent to blue, enabling you to Publish again.