Creating a Binder and Tabs

The first thing you'll need to do when working in Binders is to create a Binder and tabs to organize your content.

Start from Wdesk Home

After logging into your Wdesk account, you can launch the Binder Manager from Wdesk Home by clicking Create and choosing Binder.

Name your Binder

Enter your Binder name as prompted. You can also rename your Binder by double-clicking the title area in the Binder Manager view at any time.

Add Tabs

Once you have created and named your Binder, you are ready to add tabs to organize your documents.

image alt text

On the Edit tab, click on the +Tab button. You can also click Add Tab under Tabs. A tab appears named Untitled Tab. Enter a name.

If you hover over the tab, you can access a drop-down arrow on the right side. This menu will let you insert and organize tabs as desired.

image alt text