Adding Content to a Binder

Once you’ve created a Binder and tabs, you can begin adding content to your Binder.

Adding Content to New Binder Tabs

To add content to a Tab in your Binder, click the +Content button in the Edit toolbar. From the Choose a Document dialog box, select the Wdesk documents you’d like to add and/or choose Upload to browse and select non-Wdesk documents from your computer. Then choose Select.

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Adding Content to Existing Binder Tabs

If you need to insert additional documents into your tab later, use the drop-down arrow and menu at the far right for each file or right-click on an existing document and choose Add Content. This will add the documents to the selected tab without creating a new tab.

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You can also drag a document into a tab from your computer. This will add the file and create a new tab.

Moving Binder Content

To move content within a tab, select the content and click the Up or Down buttons in the Edit tab to move content within a tab.

Replacing Binder Content

To replace a document, hover over it and click the drop-down arrow, then choose Replace Document.

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Arranging Tabs and Sub-tabs

Once you’ve added content to your Binder, you may arrange the content into the desired viewing order. You can move tabs up and down using the right-click menu options or by clicking and dragging on a tab.

Subtabs are a way to help better organize the outline of a Binder. A subtab may be added by right-clicking on the Tab and selecting Add Subtab. Tabs and subtabs can be created up to four levels deep in your document.

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