Freezing and Thawing Documents

Freezing a document allows you to prevent any further changes being made to your document and its related linked elements. You can freeze any type of document at any time, but it is most common to freeze a document post-filing.

Should you need to make changes to a frozen document, you may thaw the document from the Admin section of the application.

NOTE: Only an Account Administrator or a Document Owner may freeze or thaw documents.

Effects of Freezing a Document

Freezing a document will prevent all data in the document from being modified, including all linked elements. This means that you will not be able to change the related linked elements in all non-frozen documents.

EXAMPLE: You freeze your 10-K document, but not the supporting workbook. The workbook cells linked to the frozen 10-K will be frozen as well. All other elements and data in the non-frozen workbook will remain editable.

Freezing a Document from Admin

To freeze a document from the Admin panel, login to Admin. Select the Content tab. Find the document or documents that you have filed and select it in the Admin panel by checking the box next to it. Click the More button, then select Freeze. Check Yes, I'm sure in the dialog and click Freeze to confirm. You can also click the document name and choose Freeze Document from the details page.

Should you open a frozen document, or a document with dependent links to the frozen document, you will have visual clues that the document is frozen. The background of each section will be grey shaded and the linked elements will have a shaded indicator in the corner as seen below.

image alt text

For a non-frozen document that contains links from a frozen document, the linked cells will display a grey link indicator below the source/destination link indicator.

Freezing a Document from the Project Panel

Documents can also be frozen immediately after completing the Submit Live Filing step of the Filing Wizard.

In the Projects panel, under the Filing tab, expand the Optional Items category and find Freeze Filing Documents. Click the Optional button to select documents to freeze. The Freeze Filing Documents window will appear with a list of all documents in the project available to freeze. Use the check marks to select the documents you'd like to freeze (or use Check All) then click Freeze Selected Documents. If all documents in the project are frozen, the Optional button next to the Freeze Filing Documents option will change to Review. If only a part of the project was frozen, it will change to Edit. In both cases, a green check mark will appear to the left of Freeze Filing Documents.

Note that the document freeze status displays in the dialog below. When a document is frozen, the padlock will be locked. When the document is not frozen, the padlock will be unlocked.

Thawing a Document

NOTE: Only an Account Administrator has the permissions to thaw a document and can only be performed via the Admin Panel.

To thaw a document from the Admin panel, login to Admin. Select the Content tab. Find the document or documents that you have filed and select it by putting a check in the box next to it. You will see a checkmark in the Frozen column to indicate its status. Click the More button and select Thaw.

Confirm your selection by checking the Yes, I'm sure box then click Thaw. Your document is now able to be edited, as well as any dependent links in other non-frozen documents.