Filing Using Multiple CIKs

If you have multiple entities filing under one account, you will need to use a different CIK for each entity. Rather than typing each individual CIK into Wdesk, you can create a .CSV file and batch import the CIKs.

NOTE: The user importing the CIKs must have Admin access to use this feature.

Adding Co-Registrants

In the upper right-hand corner, click on your user name and select Admin. In the Admin dashboard, click on the Settings tab on the top row of tabs, then select the Filing tab within the row below. Click the Add Co-Registrants button.

image alt text

A dialog box appears where you can enter CIK numbers.

Using Bulk Add

In the Bulk Add section of the Co-Registrant box, click the Browse button, and locate the .CSV file that has the CIK numbers in it. Select it and click Add Co-Registrant.

The .CSV file will be uploaded, and the Co-Registrants/CIK numbers will now be available when you are ready to do your filing.