Deleting Document History

As you share a document, Wdesk will save earlier revisions of the document. These earlier revisions can be viewed separately or used in blacklines to compare different versions.

Managing Document Revisions

Account administrators have the ability to delete all document history, including:

  • Previous revisions

  • Blacklines

  • Reviews

  • Comments

During the process, you can specify whether to preserve milestone revisions or open comments.

Deleting a document's history cannot be undone, and it deletes the entire audit trail. Deleting a document's history does not affect linked data in other documents.

NOTE: To delete document history, you must have administrator-level permissions on the Wdesk account.

Delete a Document's History

Sign in to Wdesk and open the Admin panel, then click the Content tab.

image alt text

Click the name of the document you want to delete to display its information, and then click the Delete History button.

On the Delete History page, specify whether to preserve milestone revisions and open comments. Once you're ready, select the Yes, I'm sure option and click Delete to clear your document history.

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