Configuring Provisioning for Wdesk

Provisioning Features

Provisioning in Wdesk supports the following features:

  • Creating New Users: New users assigned in Okta will also be created in Wdesk.

  • Deactivating Unassigned Users: Unassigning users in Okta will suspend the user in Wdesk.

  • Updating Your Profile: Updates made to a user's profile through Okta will be updated in Wdesk.

  • Importing New Users: New users created in Wdesk can be imported into Okta and mapped to existing or new users. Users must be owned by the account they are being imported from.

  • Reactivating Users: Reactivating a user in Okta will reactivate that user in Wdesk.

If you have questions or issues, please contact your Workiva CSM or

Provisioning Requirements

Before you can configure provisioning for Wdesk in Okta, Identity Provisioning must be enabled for your Wdesk account. Contact your Customer Success Manager at Workiva for assistance in doing so.

In conjunction with enabling identity provisioning, it is recommended that you configure SAML for authentication. You can find instructions for configuring SAML at the following link: How to Configure SAML 2.0 for Workiva

Adding a New Provisioning

Once SAML has been configured, you are ready to add a new identity provisioning. To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Log into Wdesk as an administrator. If prompted, select the account for which you would like configure identity provisioning.

2. From the Home screen, click Admin in the bottom left and choose Account Admin.

3. Within Wdesk Account Admin, click the Security tab and choose Identity Provisioning.

image alt text

4. Click the button labeled Add new provisioning.

5. Complete the required fields, described below, to add Okta as an identity provisioner for your Wdesk account.

  • Provider: Choose "Okta."

  • Name: A simple name for the identity provider, e.g. “Okta” or “Okta US.”

  • Username: Username of the person the provision will be on behalf of. The user selected must have user and group administration privileges.

  • Description: Optional short description or notes.

  • Administrator Contact: A contact person who should be notified for any support issues related to this integration. This person should be an administrator for the provider, i.e. Okta.

When finished, click Save to establish the new identity provisioning.

image alt text

6. Locate your newly created entry in the provisioning list and note the URL, ID, and Credential values. These three strings will be required for Okta provisioning settings.

image alt text

7. In Okta, navigate back to the Provisioning section for the Workiva Wdesk app. If you haven’t already, check the box to Enable provisioning features.

8. Copy and paste the URL, ID, and Credential values from Wdesk admin into the appropriate fields in the Okta Provisioning settings as shown below.

image alt text

9. Click the button to Test API Credentials.

10. Scroll down and select the Provisioning Features you want to enable.

11. Click Save to complete the provisioning