Admin Overview

The Wdesk Admin component allows the account administrator to have complete control over the security and accessibility of the Wdesk account as well as all of the individual documents within the account.

The account administrator also has the ability to customize account settings (such as XBRL defaults and filing specifics) and monitor all activities associated with the account. Only designated Account Administrators can access these settings.

Dashboard Tab

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The Dashboard highlights the specifics regarding your account. Here you will find your account details, license levels and the current account administrators and their account permissions.

Selecting Edit on the Account Details pane in the Dashboard will allow you to edit your account specific information. Most often these values are set during account creation.

  • Account Number - static number created with your account.

  • Company Name - your company's public name. This name should match your exact SEC registered name, as it appears on the SEC website (including any punctuation).

  • Ticker Symbol - the ticker symbol for your company. Your filed forms will be indexed on the SEC website using this information.

  • Central Index Key (CIK) - provided to you by the SEC. Can be found on the SEC website.

  • CIK Information Code (CCC) - this number is required in order to file a document with the SEC. The CCC may be stored here in order to streamline the filing process.

Please use caution changing these values, as they will affect your SEC filing if the information is not correct.

Settings Tab

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Many of the application defaults can be set and adjusted in the Settings tab.

  • General - Set your time zone and establish allowed email domains.

    • When email domain(s) are specified, only members with the listed email domain(s) can be added and enter the account.

    • By default, only domains matching the administrator's email domain will be allowed.

  • XBRL - XBRL default settings can be established in order to streamline the XBRL tagging process and maintain consistency throughout all XBRL filings.

  • Filing - Filing default settings can be established to streamline your filing process.

  • Profile Fields - Establish the fields that will display on the User Profile pages.

  • Authentication - Establish authentication settings, such as the option to remember a username, ability to control whether an account gets disabled after a number of failed sign on attempts, etc.

  • Password Policy - Establish settings for password requirements.

  • Access Restrictions - Restrict account access based on IP, whether individual or within a range.

  • SAML - Enable or disable SAML on your account as well as options for configuring SAML access.

  • One Time Password (OTP) Two-Factor Devices - Import devices to use with the Two-Factor Authentication enhanced security controls. This is an optional setting that may not be visible in your account's Admin component.

  • Content Restrictions - Show or hide inaccessible files.

  • File With WF - Generate a filing code to file with Workiva credentials.

Security Tab

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The Security tab includes general security settings for your account such as IP address restrictions, enabling direct comment content in emails, and restricted email domains. Other options under the Security tab include authentication, SAML, OTP devices, and access restrictions.

People Tab

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The People tab is where you set up and manage the users and user groups for your account.

  • Members - where you can add new users and edit existing users

    • Add, remove,or edit users

    • Add or remove support staff

    • Enable or disable two-factor authentication

    • Reset passwords

    • Send emails

    • View a user's last login

  • Groups - where you can add new groups and edit existing groups

    • Add or remove groups

    • Rename groups

    • Add users to or remove them from groups

    • View a user's last login

NOTE: Whoever has permissions to manage members in Admin can also add admins to an account.

Content Tab

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The Content tab lists all of the documents and their types, any validations run on the account, as well as the trash bin for your account. Select a document listed in the Content Tab to perform the following tasks:

  • Copy a project

  • Set document permissions

  • Delete the history of a document

  • Freeze the document

  • See who has the document in draft

  • View audit information

  • View document sections

  • Access the Advanced Permissions Editor

  • View, empty and restore items in the trash

Permissions Tab

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The Permissions tab contains settings for controlling account permissions on specific documents in your account. From here you can:

  • View and alter user and group permissions

  • View and modify individual document permissions

  • Manage permission sets

  • Add or remove permission sets

Activities Tab

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The Activities tab allows you to view actions taken on your account and set alerts for various actions. This tab must be activated by your CSM before it will be visible. In the Activities Tab you can:

  • View actions performed in your account, who performed the action, and when the action occurred

  • Filter actions by date

  • Generate an action report containing event details

  • Set up email alerts for specific actions