Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

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The Admin Dashboard provides a summary of several facets of your account, giving users an at-a-glance overview of an account's licenses, administrators, and account details.

The Dashboard consists of three panels: the Account Details panel, the Licensing panel, and the Administrators panel. Each gives a brief summary of some of the most pertinent information regarding each topic.

Account Detail Panel

Account Dashboard

This panel displays the details of the account. This includes the account number, company name, exchange and ticker symbol (if applicable), Central Index Key (CIK), and CIK Confirmation Code (CCC).

You can also choose to edit most of the information from this panel. Clicking the Edit button will bring up the Edit Account Details window, where you can change your account details. Below are the details that appear in the editing window as well as a short explanation of each.

  • Account Number - This number is the unique ID number of your Wdesk account, and it cannot be changed.

  • Company Name - This is the name your company is publicly listed under. This name should match the name you have filed or intend to file under, as it will be used when creating documents.

  • NYSE - The stock exchange that your company is traded on. If your company is listed on multiple exchanges, pick your preferred exchange. You can add any additional exchanges from within the application at the time of filing. If the company were listed on the NASDAQ exchange it would read "NASD: ticker."

  • Central Index Key - The CIK issued to your company by the SEC. It is a unique identifier used when filing forms, and an incorrect CIK will cause errors when filing.

  • CIK Confirmation Code - The CCC connected to the CIK you listed in the above field. If your CCC does not match your CIK, you will receive an error when filing. While optional, completing this field will allow your CCC to auto-populate in the Filing Wizard when preparing your filing submission.

Licensing Detail Panel

Admin Licensing Dashboard

The licensing panel provides an at-a-glance view of the number and makeup of your account’s Wdesk licenses. The ratio for these levels indicates how many licenses and levels are being used compared to how many are currently available for the account.

The license levels are determined by what licensing model your account is currently using, currently v3.

License levels for v3 include Starter, Standard, and Professional.

To determine which license type is assigned to each member on your account, navigate to the People tab and view the member’s detailed information.

If you'd like to adjust your number of available licenses or migrate to v3, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.The ratio for these levels indicate how many licenses and levels are being used compared to how many are currently available for the account. If you'd like to adjust your number of available licenses, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

For more information, see License Levels in Wdesk.

Administrator's Panel

Admin Dashboard

The Administrators panel displays users who have access to Admin, as well as their privilege levels within the component. Each administrator's name will be followed by a word describing which of the four components (Content, Users, Groups, and Admin) the member has administrative access to:

  • Full account admins can manage users, groups and content for one or more products.
  • Group administrators are restricted to administering groups.
  • Content administrators can add and remove documents.
  • User administrators can add and remove individual users.

You can email any of the administrators by clicking on his or her name, which opens your email client.