Activities Tab

The Activities tab provides a list of actions performed on your account, from users logging in to your account to administrators modifying account settings. This list is arranged chronologically, with the most recent actions appearing at the top of the list and the oldest appearing at the bottom.

NOTE: An Administrator must enable the tab for an individual member; otherwise, this tab will not appear. The Activities tab is only available to User, Content, and Full Admins. Group Admins will not see the Content tab.

The Activities Sub-tab

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As shown above, this list reports the type of action performed by a user and where it was performed. While the type of action is always shown, you may need to review the detailed report if available or examine the location of the action directly to find the precise changes. For example, this list will report that a user has changed a document or profile but will not report the exact change made.

By default, this list presents a message containing the type of action, the user that performed it, and the time and date the action was performed. You can modify the default list to display the details you prefer to see by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Activities tables, as shown below. Other display options include listing user IP address, the time and date of an action, the username of the person who performed the action, and the type of action.

In addition to choosing what is displayed, you can also choose the order in which items are displayed by clicking on a column heading and dragging it into the position you prefer.

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You can further refine a search by choosing to examine the actions within a specific date range. To do this, click on the Filter by dates option in the top right corner of the actions list to bring up a calendar. Here, click the beginning and then the ending date for the range you'd like to examine. You can use the arrow buttons or the drop-down box to navigate between months if you'd like your selection to span different months.

Finally, you also have the option to export this list from your Wdesk account to your own computer. After clicking on the Export CSV button, you will be able to create a report filtering activities by username, activity type, and over a certain range of dates. Leaving the Username field blank will include all users, while leaving the Starting and Ending fields blank will include activities from any date.

Once you've selected what you'd like in your report, click Generate Report to finish. After generation, you will be able to download the report. Once downloaded, the report can be viewed in most common spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

The Subscriptions Sub-Tab

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From this sub-tab, you can set email alerts to notify you any time certain actions occur within your account. Alerts can be set for everything from logging in to modifying permissions, even down to alerting you every time a document is changed. Some settings may help increase account security, such as alerting you whenever a password is changed, or simply help keep you up to date, as with the options to let you know when a document has been viewed or shared. Once you've made your selection across the tabs, click Save to ensure you start receiving notifications.