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Why Workspaces


Create a workspace for a department, a team or an individual, for easy collaboration. Members of multiple workspaces can easily switch from one to another.


Control who is in a workspace with you and set permissions with ease.


Assign admins on for each workspace as needed. Grant admin privileges to other members in your workspace or retain all admin control.


Provide greater control and visibility into the settings, users, and licenses of your entire organization.

Workspaces in Wdesk

Quick Creation

Create a workspace for anything

A space to collaborate with coworkers, or a space to work on a document before you’re ready to share it.

Easy Switching

Belong to as many workspaces as you need

Switch between workspaces in just a few clicks.

Know where you are at a glance

Know what workspace you’re in by the workspace name, abbreviation, or color.

Control at the organizational level

Manage your entire organization in one place

Organization Admins can see all users and licenses across the organization and apply settings that are enforced across workspaces, such as password strength requirements.

How Our Customers Use Workspaces

To separate teams currently sharing an account

Customers previously sharing an account create workspaces to separate their documents, data, and processes, ensuring the right people have the right access to information. An example is SEC and Legal teams with their own, individual workspaces.

To invite new teams to try Wdesk

To separate certification processes

Customers are using workspaces to easily separate certification processes, ensuring that certification administrators only have visibility to their own certification processes.

Experience Workspaces Today

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