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Why Workspaces


Provides a safe space for departments, teams, and individuals to collaborate.


Permissions are simpler in a Workspace, because you control who is in the Workspace with you.

Admin Scoping

Assign admins per Workspace so they control only user and content that they are familiar with.


Provides greater control and visibility into the settings, users and licenses of your entire organization.

Workspaces in Wdesk

Easy Switching

Belong to as many Workspaces as you need

Create a Workspace yourself, or join an existing one. Easily switch between them in just a few taps.

Know where you are at a glance

Always know what workspace you're in by referring to the Workspace name, abbreviation, or color.

Quick Creation

Create a Workspace for anything

If you can create a document, you can create a Workspace. Need a safe space for your team? A space to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation? Or just a space to work on a document before you share it with anyone? Build a Workspace!

Control at the Organization level

Manage your entire Organization in one place

Workspaces allow you to designate a user as an Organization Admin. Organization Admins can see all users and licenses across your organization, and apply settings that are enforced across Workspaces ā€” like password strength requirements.

How Our Customers Use Workspaces

Small organizations

Small organizations use Workspaces to create spaces for new teams to try Wdesk. They are also using Workspaces to move teams that were previously sharing an account into their own spaces ā€” for example the SEC and Legal teams are now in their own Workspaces.

Large organizations

Larger organizations with multiple accounts are replacing their accounts with Workspaces, allowing their users to more quickly move from Workspace to Workspace. This also allows them to see all of their users and licenses in one place.

Individual users

Single users use Workspaces to spin up specific projects or initiatives - projections for new markets, presentations to investors, and more.

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