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Section 16 Filings

Mass grants, auto-calculated holdings reports, and in-line editing of forms

Sales Compensation Planning

Why use Wdesk for Section 16

Time Saved

Filing Section 16 forms in Wdesk eliminates the need to constantly move back and forth between your workbook and form drafts. Enter your information in Wdesk and an editable form is immediately created.


Award mass grants and file multiple forms at once without having to create and file each individual form.


Imported forms show current holdings, and Wdesk automatically recalculates that balance for each reporting officer after each transaction filed. Run reports in minutes and be confident about their accuracy.


Each automatically created draft is an editable form. Nothing can be filed without your approval.

Section 16: A Typical Wdesk Workflow


Import forms

Import previously filed Section 16 forms for reporting officers in one mass upload. Last year's forms will become this year's next drafts.


Create new forms

Create new forms on an individual basis as needed. Use the reporting officer's uploaded form as a starting point, and update it with information for the new transaction.


Award mass grants

Save time during your busiest periods. Enter information for mass grants once, choose the reporting owners receiving the grant, and individual forms are automatically created.

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Edit in-line

For changes needed after a form is generated, simply open the form and make edits directly in the field requiring the update. No need to open a workbook, change a quantity, and regenerate the form.

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Build up libraries

Store information and documents you'll use repeatedly in libraries. Add footnotes, commonly used signatures, information on the various security types, supporting documents, and reviewer names and contact information.

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Route for review

For forms requiring sign-off or approval before being filed, send a .pdf of the unfiled form draft, exactly as it will appear when filed, out for review directly within the app.

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Test file forms before you file them for one last review, then bulk file multiple forms at once or file forms singularly directly from Wdesk to the SEC.

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Generate reports

Get up-to-date, cumulative reports directly from Wdesk without manual calculation in a workbook. Reports are auto-calculated from transactions filed and are ready in minutes.

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Section 16 Filings

Mass grants, auto-calculated holdings reports, and in-line editing of forms

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