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Why Use Presentations


Work with your colleagues in the same slide deck at the same time with control over who can make changes. Make changes up to the last minute with no version control issues.


Use permissions to control who changes what and when. Lock down formatting to keep slide designs consistent. View a complete audit trail of slide updates.

Data Driven

Link workbook data into Presentations. Interact with data and turn static charts into meaningful representations of real-time information.

Roll Forward

Don't rebuild every reporting period. Reuse the same presentation framework—and linked data—from period to period.

Presentations Feature Tour

Build your presentations in a familiar environment

Build your presentations in a familiar environment

The same look and feel as the software you use today

Allows for a quick and easy transition.

Web-based access to slides from any location

Gain efficiency among your team.

Add teammates to your presentation to populate and collaborate

Collaborative slide outline

Work with your team in the same presentation at the same time.

One master version

Eliminate version control issues.

Comprehensive audit trail

Easily track everyone's work and compare revisions to see who made changes and when.

Link data directly into charts, tables and text in your presentation

Link to charts

Dynamic charts automatically update as linked data changes. Time can be spent analyzing rather than hunting down new numbers.

Link to text and tables

The flexibility to report data in any format and tailor to your audience.

Link to multiple locations

Share the same data set across multiple slides, reports and teams to save time and improve accuracy.

Outline control over slides, groups, and templates

Group slides together and assign permissions

Control who can can access and make changes to each slide.

Master layouts and style guides

Keep your design and content consistent throughout the presentation.

Share your changes

All changes are automatically incorporated, eliminating the need to manually combine slides.

Easy to maintain period-over-period

Create a milestone to mark the final submitted report

Begin the next reporting cycle in the active version without creating a duplicate version or starting from scratch.

Easily compare changes between milestones by running blacklines from the audit trail history.

Keep data links intact

Roll-forward maintains data integrity by keeping links in place when moving from period to period. Data automatically updates every reporting period.

Distribute in Binders

Package slide decks with other supporting documents or materials into a digital binder with mobile capabilities. Digitally distribute to executives and stakeholder to view and comment.

How Our Customers Use Presentations



Track progress within your teams, departments, financial performance, or a certain project. Live-linked data in your slide decks give a whole new meaning to dashboards. Present interactive information, track progress, and view the history of your dashboards.

Monthly Management Reports

Monthly Management Reports

Use Presentations to present KPI metrics and financial analysis to upper management. Interactive charts and graphs enable drill-down capabilities, and the easy roll-forward process gives teams the time to focus on analysis.

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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

IR and SEC teams share a lot of the same data. In Wdesk, that data flows directly to the earnings presentation and other quarterly documents. There is no need to track down number updates.


Additional Uses for Presentations

Board of Director Presentation

Present data in a quarterly deck to your board of directors, and link data back to the team's master workbook.

Committee Presentations

Bring teams together who use the same data set that is needed for quarterly or monthly committee slide decks.


Budget Report

Gather data in Wdesk, and live-link into your slides to track and present budget data.


Monthly Reporting Package

Bring together your documents and key financial metrics in one organized, efficient project to roll forward month-over-month.


Sustainability Metrics

Use shared data from other departments in your company to track and report sustainability performance.

KPI Dashboards

Report key metrics to management in charts and graphs that have drill-down capabilities and a complete audit trail of your data.

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