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Why Use Mobile


Get things done—when and where you want to do them. Take Wdesk everywhere you are.


Converse on the go. Review content, comment, and complete tasks like you’ve never left the office.


Receive notifications when your input is needed—an assigned task, directed comment, or document for your review.


Navigate from a notification requesting your feedback to the section that needs it in one tap. Respond to directed comments without needing to open the document.

Mobile Feature Tour

Review content

Review content

View your files

Be up and running in seconds. Most everything you see on your desktop—Documents, Workbooks, Presentations, Data Collections and Binders—you can see on mobile.

Immediate sync

Pick up wherever you’ve left off. Work done on one device is instantly accessible on another.



Review and comment

Read and weigh in on any file type. Reply to comments directly within the notification for a text-like response.

Manage tasks

Check the Tasking Center for a status of all tasks. Mark tasks complete as work gets done.

Download and sign in

Download and sign in

Set a four-digit passcode upon download

Maintain security and simplify sign-in.

Configure SSO

If you use SSO at work, apply it to Wdesk Mobile as well.

Customize notifications

Customized notifications

Stay updated with notifications

Be notified when you receive a directed comment, task, or document for review.

Choose what’s important to you

Select which events trigger push notifications.

How Our Customers Use Mobile



Customers use Mobile to check documents on the go—review the last revision and make comments back and forth.



The Tasking Center on Mobile shows you what's up next. Customers use this to check status updates and manage workload.


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