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Why Linking


Eliminate risk of conflicting figures. Final numbers are the same, no matter where or how they're displayed.


Comprehensive audit trail details who made changes, what was changed, and when the changes occurred.


Permissions control who can make changes—at the project, document, or section level.


Data can be linked directly into charts, tables, and presentations. This gives you the flexibility to report data in any format and tailor your display to your audience.

Linking Feature Tour

Establish Connections

Establish Connections

Establish links within Wdesk by creating source links

Copy and paste to another location to create a destination link

Updates to the source value flow to every destination

It's not just for numbers— link narrative text as well, across all document types

Flexible Display

Flexible Display

Use the same data, in multiple places, in different contexts

Change formatting to suit context

Customize precision and rounding by location

Create a Process

Create a Process

Sync data from outside sources

Re-use links as you bring in new data

Combine links with formulas to handle complex problems

Create Dynamic Visuals

Create Dynamic Visuals

Link data to charts, graphs, tables, and dashboards

Changes to source data automatically update visuals

Links can be created in a variety of document types

Full History

Full History

Check at a glance who changed what data and when

See all destinations of your source data at a glance

Select a destination to track data back to the source

How Our Customers Are Using Linking

Finance and AccountingFinance and Accounting

Wdesk linking keeps data up to date and in sync across the organization.

Finance and Accounting Uses

Internal Audit and SOXInternal Audit and SOX

Use links to create not just a document, but an entire process.

Internal Audit and SOX Uses

Human ResourcesHuman Resources

Link numbers to visuals to show workforce planning charts and projections in real-time.

Human Resources Uses


See how linking can make your proxy statement easier.

Legal Uses


Use linking with formulas to dissect and report sales in a way that's meaningful to your stakeholders.

Sales Uses

Experience Linking Today

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