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Controls Management for SOX

Work Smart, Manage Risk

Testing and Workflow

Testing and Workflow

Simplify your testing process with integrated testing and advanced workflow.

Powerful Relationships

Powerful Relationships

Easily create, modify, and connect SOX information for more powerful reporting and insights.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Reporting and Dashboarding

Leverage dynamic dashboards to create, interact with, and drill down into reports on the fly.

Intuitive for Everyone

Intuitive for Everyone

Jump into a familiar interface and experience advanced collaboration that fits the way you work.

Planning and Scoping

Aggregate risk information

Create, distribute, and track self-assessment surveys. Determine what’s in scope for testing.


Data and Relationships

Focus on managing risk, not managing data

Easily update risk and control information. Quickly add new controls.

Easy for everyone

No need for database administrators, no learning of queries or code, and no need for help from IT.

PBC Requests

Simplify population and evidence requests

Send population and sample requests via single or bulk tasks, and maintain a real-time dashboard of all requests and status of each.

Automate random sampling

Create a random sample selection from the population with the click of a button.

Drag and drop evidence with ease

Process and control owners automatically tie samples to testing forms in line with all testing information.

Review and approve continuously — in one location

Review and approve (or return) evidence as soon as it is provided— no need to wait for all samples to come in.


Integrate all testing information in one location

Test forms are automatically generated to reflect control and testing information, steps to perform, PBC requests, and real-time status.


Drag and drop annotation and markup. Pass or fail each attribute in a single location with a single click.

Follow testing process and results

View controls and real-time status of all testing. Understand where you stand on progress of testing, and progress to date.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Personalized views

View processes you own, controls in your location, or upcoming tasks that you are responsible for completing without needing to create additional reports.

View information your way

Easily filter, hide, and pivot SOX data to create your own ad-hoc reports to save or share with others.

Create real-time dashboards with drill down capability

Intuitive dashboards offer one-click drill down capability and automatically reflect changes in data.


Review and certify

Automate the sign-off process with templates, built-in reminders, and robust tracking.

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Involving Others

Spread the Word

Share Wdesk with colleagues to make collaboration even easier.

Talk to an Expert

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