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Why Wdesk Binders

Content Aggregation

Package a variety of content (Wdesk, Microsoft® Office and PDF) into a unified digital review environment.

Data Integrity

Linked data ensures reports are always current and reflect all last minute changes.


The Wdesk app on your tablet allows instant access to your binder wherever you go.

Connect the C-Suite

Deliver high-quality reports to executives and shareholders with easy browser and tablet access.

Binders Feature Tour

Create a binder with Wdesk reports, supplemental, and supporting documents

Create tabs to keep things organized

Quickly navigate to the reports and content needed by your team.

Drag-and-drop to add multiple content types

Package Wdesk documents and presentations together with **Microsoft® Word documents and PDFs in one secure location.

Wdesk reports automatically kept up-to-date.

Add users to the binder

Give access to groups or individuals

Easy to provision and control access from one screen.

Permissions controls who can add content and view binders

Confidential information is kept private.

Ensure the right users gain access at the right time.

Publish for other users to access

Digitally distribute the binder with the click of a button

Secure digital environment eliminates risk of losing physical binders.

All recipients receive the most current version at the same time.

Each document or tab is automatically refreshed to reflect report updates

No need to manually track down data or report changes.

The binder author controls when to publish updates to the team.

Team members automatically get the latest published version on their desktop and tablet devices.

Collaborate with your team

Add comments, when and where you need them.

Eliminate the need to manually track down and consolidate feedback. Comments automatically aggregate to streamline review.

Access binders on-the-go with the Mobile App

Take binders with you, wherever you go.

Viewing and commenting on mobile devices is as easy as doing so on desktop.

Automatic online syncing

Comments added while offline automatically flow through once connection is restored.

How Our Customers Use Binders

Support Binders

Support Binders

Create digital support binders to combine reports and supporting documents in one convenient package. Annotate support to tie it to back to your report, and send the whole binder for review and comment without printing and chasing individual files.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Support Binders
Board and C-Suite Reporting

Board and C-Suite Reporting

Create reports faster in Wdesk and distribute them in a quick and paperless fashion. Organize materials into a digital format to ensure everyone attends business meetings with the most-up-to-date version of your reports.

Monthly Operations Reviews

Monthly Operations Reviews

Skip the emails and deliver data-driven reports and presentations easily every month. Rather than re-building your slides, watch your presentation update with current data each period. Enable instant access to current ops reports in a user-friendly browser and tablet viewer for managers—wherever they go.

Additional Uses for Binders

CCAR Submissions

Combine policies, procedures, and desktop documents together and submit them easily in one digital portal.

Document Reviews

Comment on reports from anywhere, on the go.

Earnings Release Presentations & Call Scripts

Distribute electronically for easy access.


Management Meetings

Ensure executives show up at the next critical meeting with the same document version.

Presentation Reviews

Review critical business data that is visually updated in real time.

Supplemental Information

Bundle various document types for easy access in one portal.

Experience Binders Today

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