There are a number of constraints that are enforced by the Workiva Developer API that are designed to ensure each customer has a good experience.

Rate Limits

The Workiva Developer API currently limits the number of requests to 50 requests per second across all endpoints.

These limits apply to the oauth2/token endpoint as well, so best practice would include caching the token until it has expired.

Once you go over the rate limit, you will you will receive an error response with status code 429 Too Many Requests.

Payload Size

The Workiva Developer API currently limits the size of any request payloads to a maximum of 10485760 bytes (10MB).

Feature Limits


Feature Limit
Sheets per Spreadsheet 200
Cells per Spreadsheet 2,000,000
Rows per Sheet 1,048,576
Columns per Sheet 16,384
Sheet name length 100
Characters per cell 8,192